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apartment room for sublease + more

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Nov. 30th, 2006 | 01:33 pm

so, this semester has been very long and painful. the specifics: too many classes on tues and thurs, working 3 days a week (+ 6 hour commute per week), and preparing for marketing clep test due to being told (in september) that i'm 2 hours short of graduation. i hate school.

however....i took that stupid clep test today and totally tore it apart. meaning...i can get the fuck out of here next month. and i have an interview for two jobs tomorrow, one of which i'm basically guaranteed if i don't, like, fall asleep or commit any crimes during the interview.

now my obstacle is this: the stupid lady at my apartment office put my lease through next august instead of this december, and stupid me signed the stupid thing without checking that she had done so.

so, i need to find someone to take over my lease so i can move out.

i live at balcones which is super close to campus...big room...hardwood floors in the living room...$330/month + 1/3 electricity (usually $15-$20)...move in january 1st-ish. maybe i'll throw in some perks, like you can keep my air bed and shower curtain. :P

if you (or anyone you know) may be interested, please let me know...!!

good luck to all of you suffering through the end of the semester.... :)

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from: paint_this_red
date: Dec. 1st, 2006 02:09 pm (UTC)

commiting some crimes during the interview would be entertaining as well as a fun challenge.

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